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La Sangria

¿Cómo estás tú?

La Sangría
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Bienvenidos a "La Sangria"!

Please note that this community is not for everyone to join. Members are those who know each other and are comfortable with one another - we do not accept random people. We are sorry if this inconviences you in any way or has gotten your hopes up.

La Sangria is a drink made with wine and fruit juices. However, this community is not about the drink; it's a place where people who are not native speakers of Spanish can come and practice their Spanish. For non-native speakers, it's not always easy to practice Spanish because there might not be other Spanish-speakers around to converse with, or they may not be willing to talk to newcomers to the language in Spanish. And sometimes, it just feels silly or embarassing to be speaking in a language that does not come naturally.

While we won't be "speaking" in this community, sometimes it's easier to learn if there's someplace you can at least type. Our goal is to improve our Spanish, or at least practice it.

Please note:

1. If someone messes up and you're positive that it's wrong, correct them gently and move on.
2. If you don't know a word that someone has used, please ask! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to tell you what it is, and if they know, how to conjugate it.
3. Don't feel bad if you aren't as advanced as the other members. The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice! And ask questions of course. :D

If anyone would like to make a pimp layout for the community, let me know. I'm hopeless when it comes to journal layouting.

<3 Azora.